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Listen today as Pastor Alan Davis preaches on "Divorce: What Does God Say" from Luke 16: 18

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"It is unity around the Cross or it's no unity at all." Listen today as Pastor Alan Davis preaches on "Measuring the Heart" from Luke 16:14-17

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"We are called, the Church is called to be a steward of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To rally, divide the word of God and give out to poeple the true gospel that they might be saved and called into the Kingdom of God and called out of their sin." Listen today as Pastor Alan Davis preaches on "Having An Eternal Perspective" from Luke 16:1-13

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Listen today as Pastor Alan Davis preaches on "The Prideful Son" from Luke 15:25-32

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Listen today as Pastor Alan preaches on "The Prodigal Son" from Luke 15:11-24.

"The law cannot save you, it cannot keep you; the law is necessary to mirror God's perfection and the fact none of us measure up, ever! The law is the reason we all need the gospel, the reason we need the cross and those who have experienced God's forgiveness, and grace should be the first to offer it to others."


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Listen today to what God has given the world by Roscoe Wentworth

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Listen today as Pastor Alan preaches on "The Humility of Grace" from Luke 14:7-14. "Those who have experienced the true saving grace of God should be the most humble people on the face of the earth. This great grace that we believe in and the Doctrines of Grace that we are given through the Scriptures should humble us and not make us feel prideful. In fact, the Doctrines of Grace tell us there is nothing within us that was worthy of being saved and a God who is just and righteous chose by His own love to reach down, open our eyes to our lost condition, and save our wretched souls by grace and grace alone."

"There’s a place for every born-again believer at that table" Listen today to The Great Banquet by Pastor Alan Davis from Luke 14:15-25.

Listen today as Pastor Alan preaches from Luke 14:1-4 on False Teachers.